Alexa Heller‘s team and fans are hoping that tomorrow’s show will result in Alexa having her tenth consecutive original allocation of tickets sellout on StageIt.

Fans can once again can expect a mix of well known covers plus some of Alexa’s well known to fans originals, one of the covers expected is Ariana Grande’s ‘My Everything’ while for originals ‘Gentlemen’ and ‘Empire’ are expected
to be played or asked for by fans as a request.

There is a possibility that there will be an encore at the end of the show but fans will have to hold their breath with anticipation and see what the end result will be, regardless of sellout or non sellout and encore or no encore it should be a show that will satisfy those in attendance.

YMA will have a presence at the online show in order to give the fans a well detailed report on the show, tickets can be purchased from here right up to starting time.

(Please note time and date on poster is for Florida time).