YMA endorses Anti-Bullying.

Everyone bullies in some way, shape or form during some stage of their lives, siblings do it to each other, parents to kids, kids to parents, school kids to school kids, teachers to school kids and so on and so forth.

Most of it comes under the label of jesting which means ‘A thing said or done in amusement’ or ‘speaking in a joking way for example kid crashes a bike attempting a jump, people watching say he or she is a stupid idiot.

A friend can call a friend an idiot etc anytime but a person or a friend of that person cannot call somebody they are not friends with or know personally an idiot or worse.

A person has the right to live their lives without being mocked, verbally and/or physically abused by others, humiliated and other methods for bullying has an effect on people that can last years if not decades after the worst is over with, this writer knows the feeling by by experiencing some not so pleasant experiences, the memories never go away and most of the time those who inflict the damage don’t even remember doing so when called on it years later.

YMA believes that the best way of countering bullying is to keep your thoughts to yourself, let people live the way they want to live and if you see something bad taking place don’t stand there but instead do something about it, keep yourself and your friends in line, this world will never be a 100% harmonious place but we can try and make it just that little bit nicer.