YMA attended a special appearance by Alexa on YouNow this afternoon (Australian time).

Songs were performed, jokes were made particularly when Alexa, her brother and company  stepped away briefly leaving viewers a great view of the couch and YMA quipped that it was now ‘The Couch Show’ with special guests Pillows before commenting that the pillows weren’t talkative before announcing the program resumed, there were also some dancing and a background discussion on Baseball as well.

Parts or all of songs performed were Blackbird (on guitar), Sweet Home Alabama, All Summer Long, Oops I Did It Again and Empire, a previously short show on YouNow had Alexa mentioning concussion but it appears the concussion was behaving itself allowing Alexa to have and show a good time, overall it was fun to be part of the audience and we do wish it went for longer but people got to enjoy some fun time away from the cameras.