Getting songs played on radio is a hard slog, Alexa Heller today said that for most it costs $1 million dollars to get a song on the radio but Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s fans have been tweeting radio stations over the last couple of weeks trying to convince them with people power to add ‘Perfectly Single’ to their playlists and give Cassidy the opportunity for more parts of the nation to hear and decide about her abilities.

102.1 Edge FM today has answered with the following tweet;


While it is not the news Cassidy’s fans have been hoping for, it is not the news that fans have been dreading and so fans continue to wait for 102.1 EDGE FM’s answer to their second listen to Perfectly Single with the hopes they will add it to their playlist and perhaps get FM 102.5 in Deniliquin to follow suit.

In the meantime fans can watch the music video below and enjoy it again and again whilst they wait.