Tara Favell is having a great time in Tamworth, she’s making new fans, she’s playing on great stages, she’s winning $2500 prizes and she is even getting praise from the bassist of legendary Australian band Sherbet.

YMA readers from outside Australia are probably wondering ‘Who is Sherbet?’ In the 1970’s there were two premiere bands the first was Skyhooks fronted by the late Graeme ‘Shirley’ Strachan and the second was Sherbet led by two time TV Week King of Pop winner Daryl Braithwaite, Australians either backed one or the other as they spent the mid 1970’s fighting for supremacy on the chats even though they were all pretty good pals, Sherbet had hits like Howzat!, Slipstream, Summer Love, Cassandra, You’ve Got The Gun, Free the People, the band continued successfully on and off until 2011.

Tara opened for Sherbet’s bassist Tony Mitchell’s (co-writer of Howzat!) group and after her performance she was praised by him, to be praised by a key member of one of Australia’s greatest bands must be an honour that can rarely be topped.

YMA will continue to report on Tara’s journey as more word of her adventures comes to hand.