Alexa Heller has been busy this past week with multiple songwriting sessions as well as preparing for her StageIt show that will take place just over 24 hours from the time of this article being published.

As reported last week, Alexa’s StageIt shows are shows that feature a mix of covers and originals with Alexa telling YMA that Ariana Grande covers will be in the mix this week.

Now thanks to last week’s YouNow show that are held every Saturday morning Australian time (Friday 5:30pm Florida time), Alexa now knows the perfect range between her and microphone to allow crisp, distortion free listening for all those in attendance.

Whilst waiting of the show fans can watch Alexa’s videos such as the one at the bottom of this article and the ones on her YouTube Channel

Tickets are 50 StageIt notes (50 notes can be purchased for $5), to buy tickets and to watch the show readers are encouraged to visit here for there is only six tickets left.