Having watched a show on StageIt, YMA visited YouNow to see Alexa in action once again, YouNow has thousands of people online at any time either performing songs or just chatting to people.

Alexa’s show was once again a show of humbleness and great singing as Alexa went through several songs finding the perfect distance between herself and the microphone for distortion free performing while thanking those who were commenting for their various comments, Alexa is in great vocal shape for her StageIt show set for this Wednesday night (Thursday for those on other side of the International Date Line) so Alexa’s fans are reminded to buy their StageIt tickets here while tickets are still available.

YMA now understands the power of sites such as StageIt and YouNow, a performer can now do a show from the comfort of their own home, interact with their fans from around the world and generate some income all at the same time, fans appreciate it for it brings them closer to those they like especially if they live in different states and countries and that is always a good thing.