This reporter has not seen a StageIt show before and so it was decided to spend the six dollars and thirty something cents Australian on Alexa’s show to see what she is all about.

The first thing noted about Alexa is that she is very humble and that she really appreciates her fans, the second thing is that Alexa worked hard during the half hour show to improve the sound to make sure her performances were excellent and they were.

Lots of comments were made about how beautiful she is but it is her music that equals and surpasses those accolades for she can sing in many styles from songs that have a slow tempo to songs that require some rapping and that was really impressive to see in action.

Alexa performed a mix of covers such as Bang Bang and Uptown Funk and originals such as Gentlemen, Never Say and Empire for her seven song show, each song was as impressive as the previous one and the biggest highlight was the finale ‘Uptown Funk’ in which she stood up and started to dance, it was really impressive and no doubt would of made people get off their computer chairs too and dance as well.

At the end of the day, the performance was worth a 50 notes ($5) tip, Alexa has shows once a week so it is recommended to watch out for the next one to watch and enjoy.