Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s ‘Perfectly Single’ music video has passed 2,000 views despite it being seen on YouTube with 1,999 views, with ‘Perfectly Single’ passing this milestone it is just views away from passing Cassidy’s cover of Samantha Jade’s ‘Soldier’ and become the second highest viewed of Cassidy’s music videos.

Be Strong – 7,211 views
Soldier – 2,008 views
Perfectly Single – 2,001 views (estimated)

It has been a great 2014 as we have seen Cassidy evolve in many ways, we’ve seen her music change from performing covers to making an original EP, we’ve seen her music videos change from home videos to professional videos, we’ve seen her grown into a person who can easily be a radio show host and we’ve also seen her styling change as well.

It will be interesting to see what changes happen in 2015 perhaps the evolution of EP to Album will happen, perhaps she’ll get music videos featured on Rage and other Australian music video shows, there is so many potential outcomes and YMA will be watching everything unfold with interest.