It’s early days in this month’s ArtistSignal contest and already there is controversy through the ranks as accusations of cheating are flying although this reporter believes that it has a smell that is best kept deep in gardens or flushed down toilets, as usual the ladies YMA follows are busy competing this month and despite a slow start, things are picking up for them.

Daria Stefan is in 23rd place at this time
Sammie Libman is in 118th place at this time
Erin Bolland is in 139th place at this time
Aria Taylor is in 262nd place at this time
Kaitlyn Thomas is in 266th place at this time
Lexi Finnin is in 343rd place at this time
Aditi Iyer is in 375th place at this time

It is hoped that momentum will pick up and all the ladies will end up having great finishes at the end of the month, readers are reminded that you can vote for as many people as you like but it is an hour wait before you can vote for the people you voted for again.