Kira Taylor next month will be performing in Ohio as part of the No Bull benefit which will be held on the fourth of October, to make it to Ohio and perform Kira and her family will need to save every possible cent they can as well as seeking the help of Kira’s many fans and so the family has created a GoFundMe campaign and now it is up to Kira’s fans and the general public to help make the trip to Ohio a reality.

The target is $8000 and while that may seem an excessive amount to travel across the USA it isn’t too big a total when you consider that Kira’s Cystic Fibrosis has to be carefully managed to and from Ohio for it could cause trouble at anytime, other financial impacts to consider is the cost to take the family along to Ohio, the costs of food, petrol and accommodation which will no doubt eat into the money the family has and so this is why the fans and the general public are needed.

If you are a fan of Kira Taylor’s then please consider donating to this campaign in any way you can, YMA challenges fellow music news reporters to report on this campaign as well as contributing to the campaign themselves while YMA asks fans to take the time to post the campaign page on their walls if they are unable to donate or if readers have a method to make their travel easier than please contact them for they would be happy to hear from you.

YMA will update readers on the campaign progress as it happens.