Korie Anne just hours ago released her latest music video ‘In The Breeze’ and this is one mighty fine production as fans are treated to the sight of one wonderful looking Ford Mustang convertible, Korie Anne and her friend having fun whilst on the road and the two trying on various fashions before finishing it off with a nice drink, fans have been impressed with the music video with 49 likes being given out of the 174 views so far and that number is expected to climb in the coming days.

If you need a little energy pickup ‘In The Breeze’ has everything you need for it has an energetic beat and it doesn’t drown out Korie’s singing so you can enjoy the vocals and the beat at the same time,
‘In The Breeze’ is also available on iTunes as part of her EP ‘Love To Be Young‘ so you can buy it and four more tracks for just $4.95 USD or 99 cents US per song (Prices vary country to country), to check out the EP click on the EP title above to be taken to the iTunes page.

YMA will continue to update readers on ‘In The Breeze’s’ progress as it happens.