YMA is not usually a fan of kids talent shows that have elimination and potentially hard critiques but for this case we make an exception for Kayla Jo appeared on The Voice Kids and won the attention of two of the four judges and Kayla Jo chose to be on Mel B’s team, now readers may be asking why are we writing about Kayla Jo and not all the others on The Voice Kids the reason is that we go way back to a little internet show that we were part of called Aussie Talent Showcase which came before YMA and Kayla Jo was part of the ATS team and she like all the others was very trusting and very loyal during the years we worked together so we’re not jumping on any bandwagon and it’s really nice that the nation got a good look at her and were impressed by her singing and hopefully they’ll get to hear plenty more over the coming weeks.

YMA would like to express the hope that whatever happens we hope that Kayla Jo doesn’t eat eaten up and spat out by the talent show route to the music industry, we’ve seen too many times great talent being built up on TV so much that at the end of the run they crack or if they don’t crack they are left behind by the those who carried them through the whole TV process and there seems to be very few survivors at the end of it all and so we hope that Kayla Jo gets through everything alright and we also wish that on all the other’s that are on the show as well.