Ivana Raymonda has released the music video to her original composition ‘Simple Things’, Ivana sings and moves with her usual high standards and it is always interesting seeing how athletic Ivana is in her movements for she appears as tall as a Basketball player but has all the moves of a Dancer or a Gymnast and that always makes her videos interesting viewing because she makes everything she does seem so easy and natural, fans of Ivana’s voice will have no problem enjoying this song as she sings it very clearly and smoothly ensuring a good listening time.

Ivana is also on the charge on ArtistSignal by jumping over 80 positions from last month’s results to be in the Top 20 this month with just under half a month remaining, there is a possibility that Ivana could sneak into the Top 15 or even the Top 10 based on current voting trends that show she is gaining on the majority of those around her, Ivana has rewarded voters this month by offering 16 different reward levels with free songs able to be downloaded after voting once before getting another song after the tenth vote and every ten votes after that until a voter’s 50th vote when the next free reward comes at the 100th vote and every 50th after that, readers can check out her ArtistSignal page by clicking here.