Korie Anne has had a great run recently with her covers of Demi Lovato’s ‘Warrior’ and John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ reaching 500 views and 7000 views respectively, the good news will continue to come for Korie Anne as several other videos are approaching milestones such as her original composition ‘Alive Tonight’,  her cover of Christina Perri’s ‘Human’ and Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ will also be reaching 1500 (‘Alive Tonight’ and ‘Human’) and 1,000 views respectively.

Korie Anne’s page on Facebook will also encounter a milestone soon as her page sits on 1,932 ‘likes’ and will no doubt be reaching the 2,000 mark in a matter of weeks if not sooner, Korie Anne’s social presence has also been boosted by the creation of the fan run Korie Anne Cali Street Team which has 77 likes and will no doubt climb higher thanks to the dedicated work of her fans.

YMA will continue to keep fans readers updated on Korie Anne’s progress as it happens.