Leea Nanos recently had the opportunity to perform at David Jaanz Open Mic that was held at ‘The Central Club’, for those who are unaware of David Jaanz his singing school, David Jaanz School of Singing is like the Apple of singing schools in Australia for many of the current hit makers and people you’ve seen written about on YMA have come from there and there are no signs of the production line of top line music performers slowing anytime soon, Leea performed Clown by Emeli Sandi and there is no doubt that Leea is going to be hot property over the next couple of years and into decades as her voice has the strength and clarity of somebody much older than her age of 12, it is one performance that must be seen to be believed.

YMA also has for you Leea’s song ‘Stand Up‘ which is available to purchase on iTunes by clicking on the song title, the song was released in April this year and will no doubt be gaining popularity over time once more people become aware of it and share it around, YMA will keep readers informed on all of Leea’s adventures as they come to hand.