The first week of July is now gone and it has been a slow week for the ladies on ArtistSignal, Daria who has been in the Top 20 the last few months is currently just outside of it while Ivana and Erin have jumped from finishing outside the Top 100 last month to be in striking distance of the Top 50 this month by currently runninng 53rd and 58th while Aditi, Aria and Lexi are currently running in the 200’s despite their abilities being worth a much higher place in the running order, below is where everyone is running, their vote total and prize money total as it stands at this time.

Daria Stefan is in 24th position with 2,438 votes and $40.03 in Prize Money
Ivana Raymonda is in 53rd position with 1,816 votes and $29.81 in Prize Money
Erin Bolland is in 58th position with 1,710 votes and $28.07 in Prize Money
Aditi Iyer is in 231st position with 213 votes and $3.50 in Prize Money
Aria Taylor is in 257th position with 165 votes and $2.71 in Prize Money
Lexi Finnin is in 268th position with 146 votes and $2.40 in Prize Money

To vote for the ladies, click on their names and a new page will open, you can then log into ArtistSignal using the Facebook sign in option and then you are able to vote, readers are urged to remember that you can vote for the ladies once every hour and you can vote for as many people as you like so you can vote for all six ladies and repeat the process an hour later.

YMA will be back next week to report once again on how the ladies are doing and YMA hopes with your help it will be a very successful week.