Bernadette Kathryn’s ‘Everytime I Hear Your Name’ now has a music video, it is a strong song vocally and the video is of the highest quality although you will see the song has a sad outcome which we will not give away the how and why so it is strongly suggested you see it for yourself, Bernadette has dedicated her song to her late Grandmother and it is dedicated to her at the end of the music video, Bernadette stated in the video description that the passing of her grandmother hurt her alot and this song helps her get through the pain, the video description also thanks the many people who were involved in making of the song and the music video which is great to see because making a song and a music video is a team effort.

There is no doubt that Bernadette has grown over the last two years in both voice and maturity since this writer first saw a video of hers, her music is still unbelievable in the sense that you are seeing somebody in their early teens yet her voice suggests she have had an additional ten years of life but the evidence is right in front of her eyes and if you haven’t climbed aboard to be part of the journey with Bernadette then now is a good time to be on it because it is going to be interesting for years to come.