Alayna has continued to make cover videos at the average of once a week by release her cover of Luke Bryan’s ‘Roller Coaster’, in a way this performance is like a roller coast but not in a way that the song goes up and down but the way it picks up pace as the song goes on, the video is clear with all the focus being on Alayna and her guitar and Alayna’s voice comes through the speakers nice and clear.

Alayna’s fans known as Alayniacs will no doubt enjoy this song like they have with all her other performances, Alayna loves her fans like they love her for she says that she just loves talking to her fans and it makes her heart happy, It is always a great thing when a performer values their fans as much as fans value a performer they like and so being a fan of Alayna’s ensures loyalty because you know that the time you spend watching a video like ‘Roller Coaster’ is very much valued by Alayna who strives to do her best for her fans.

YMA will keep readers updated on Alayna’s progress as it happens.