Most of us have heard of the ‘British Invasion’ which was when groups like The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who all came to America and swept the charts but now we the world are seeing a music arrival from artists close to Britain and the music invasion comes in the form of two singers from the Netherlands, Karlijn Verhagen and Ivana Raymonda, they are young, smart and excellent at what they do in the music world and they are starting to get more and more attention right around the world.

Karlijn has just released her new single ‘Victorious‘ which readers can buy from clicking on the title while she has an extensive range of videos available on YouTube from cover songs to originals while Ivana also releases a steady amount of music on iTunes as well as YouTube as well, there is no doubt that these two singers from the Netherlands will continue to make inroads on the music industry and YMA will be here to report on all the news from Karlijn and Ivana as it comes to hand.