Kiara Rodrigues music video to her hit song ‘I’m Gonna Be Fine’ has had an excellent start as it has already passed 1,500 views and is steaming towards 2,000 views which is expected to be reached and passed in the next few hours, YMA has high hopes that ‘I’m Gonna Be Fine’ it will pass Kiara’s YouTube record of 14,171 that was achieved by releasing a cover of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Black Velvet‘.

Readers will also be interested to know that the guy in the photo that features heavily in the music video is Sean Emmett, in 2012 Kiara featured in the Talent Quest part of Young Talent Time and Sean was a member of the Young Talent Team, it just proves that this is a very small world and while on the topic of Sean, his single ‘Tattoo’ is expected to be out on iTunes today so keep your eyes on the lookout for that and may it enjoy the same level of success that Kiara has had with ‘I’m Gonna Be Fine’