Kaitlyn Thomas‘s fundraising efforts have stalled in recent days with only one donation in the last week despite the campaign being shared on social media 601 times, YMA has been contributing to the fundraising and are encouraging others to donate any amount they can whenever they can, $5 here and $5 there can make a difference, it can inspire people to contribute to the fundraiser themselves and donating to allow Kaitlyn to attend the CMAA Academy of Country Music is a worthy cause for as we all know Kaitlyn works hard in her school work, works hard on her music and works hard on giving to others.

We’ve seen Tessa Mouzourakis reach her EP making fundraiser target when it seemed like a massive challenge to get there, we’ve seen Jessica Holt reach hers too thanks to generosity of fans and now we are working on getting Kaitlyn her dream off the ground too, donations can be made here¬†and we’ll continue to keep you up to date on Kaitlyn’s progress as it happens.