Rebekah Kirk has become the first GetSung user to reach 50,000 views for her videos, Rebekah is also the sixth most followed person on the site which is described as the alternative to Google’s juggernaut YouTube, YMA congratulates Rebekah on being the first to reach the 50,000 view milestone and looks forward to reporting on Rebekah reaching 100,000 views and also being in the Top 5 most followed in the near future.

Also available for fans and the generally curious is a video of Rebekah performing ‘Rather Be’ at Famestage, Rebekah recorded several tracks there after she won a contest that was hosted by Famestage where artists compete for votes for the chance to get their music recorded with Rebekah being one of those fortunate to been given the nod by the general public and there is no doubt after watching ‘Rather Be’ that the general public was justified in voting for Rebekah.