Meredith O’Connor is an eighteen year old singer-songwriter from New York in the United States of America, she is a multi talented young lady with the ability to do Classical and Pop music as well as doing Theatre/Broadway as she has performed in both professional and local productions with credits in ‘Annie’ and ‘Grease’ as well as other productions, Meredith can also do dance as well which gives her a broad choice of roles and genres.

Despite all the success listed above, her school years were not a pleasant experience because she was considered by the not very friendly types of people to be too tall and too thin among several other name tags but these critiques later served as a silver lining for she was discovered by a modeling scout because of her being tall and thin and so she is now a model as well as a singer/songwriter and all of the occupations listed above.

Meredith has not forgotten what she had faced during her school years by writing about her personal experiences, the music video below which is called ‘The Game’ which addresses bullying, bullying has affected many lives and sadly even taken lives away and so people like Meredith fight to make school and teenage life as pleasant and healthy as possible, Meredith has toured many schools and has given encouragement to the hundreds of bullied kids that she has seen on her journey’s across the USA, Meredith is very appreciative of people’s feedback to her and she personally answers as many messages as she can despite her heavy schedule which endears her to more people.

Meredith released her self titled EP in February 2013 and includes ‘The Game’ as one of it’s four tracks, her EP currently has a five star rating from the 17 ratings it has generated while her newest single is titled ‘Just the Thing‘ with the music video scheduled to be released on May 8 and May 9 as part as of a bi-coastal marathon.

This induction of Meredith to our ‘Artist of the Day’ ranks is only a small piece of what she done herself and what she has done for others and so readers are encouraged to visit her page to check out all the details on her plus visit the many social media outlets that she has from Twitter to Instagram and much more, we have no doubt that Meredith will continue to have a presence in the music scene for a long time to come and YMA will keep readers up to date on her adventures as they happen.