It has been a great start for the ladies on ArtistSignal this month, the month started with Erin Bolland debuting her new profile and Aria Taylor joined ArtistSignal and will no doubt be climbing up the rankings in the coming weeks, Aditi and Lexi are currently in line to improve on past results, Erin and Ivana are trying to climb up the rankings and Daria is knocking on the door of the Top 10 once again.

Daria Stefan is in 14th position with 3,326 votes and $41.88 in Prize Money
Erin Bolland is in 106th position with 1,406 votes and $17.70 in Prize Money
Ivana Raymonda is in 132nd position with 966 votes and $12.16 in Prize Money
Aditi Iyer is in 214th position with 389 votes and $4.90 in Prize Money
Lexi Finnin is in 330th position with 117 votes and $1.47 in Prize Money
Aria Taylor
is in 494th position with 48 votes and $0.60 in Prize Money

To vote for the ladies, click on their names and a new page will open, you can then log into ArtistSignal using the Facebook sign in option and readers are urged to remember that you can vote for the ladies once every hour and you can vote for as many people as you like so you can vote for all six ladies and repeat the process an hour later.

YMA will be back next week to report once again on how the ladies are doing and there is no doubt that their rankings will rise from this week’s results.