The last week has been very emotional to me because I have seen the best in the performers that YMA report on, I have seen the joy that Kira feels when her fundraising goes up, I have seen the relief the Thomas family feels when fans and supporters stepped up where commercial entities could not or would not do so and so everyday people have started the funding process towards getting Kaitlyn to the CMAA Academy Of Country Music, I have seen Cassidy’s efforts to get the Open Mic Night going in The Hills Shire and I’ve seen Korie Anne post a music video of her version of ‘Warrior’ (see below) and that made it plain to see what she has faced over the last couple of years and it moved me to thought and it inspired me to create a written piece in honour of what I heard and what I saw in the video which is written below the video.



The Better One
Written by Ryan Stevenson

There once was a girl who was bullied
who turned the tables on her torment fully
She worked hard each and every day
to make her future her own way

Her bullies were the insecure type
sad people who believed in their own tripe
They called her every bad name in the book
hoping that her mind will someday cook

The girl cried sometimes at night
though her parents told her she’ll be alright
they told her she must be internally strong
for those bullies are the ones in the wrong

Now she’s a success which everyone can see
among her fans include you and me
She turned the tables on her torment fully
leaving far behind those sad old bullies


Ladies and Gentlemen, Teenage and Tween Boys and Girls, I truly believe that in order for everyone to get where they want to go we must all unite and help each other to ensure what I mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog entry continues and results match the effort that is given and I can assure you all that all the people mentioned above and their families are giving it all and so what I plead for all of you to consider is giving a few moments of time a day to share what another performer is doing and I don’t mean share somebody’s post but write something up yourself something like ‘I love Korie Anne’s version of ‘Warrior’ and I think everyone here will like it too’ and you include the link and there is no doubt that your supporters will see that and they’ll like the post and some of them will see the video and that will do great for Korie Anne because her video that she spent hours putting together gets more views and she may pick up more fans too and I am sure we can all agree that most videos don’t get the views or the coverage they deserve so let’s try tipping the scales and get those views.

I truly believe that we are all linked together when it comes to our futures, the smallest contribution can help shape a person’s future, before I saw Korie Anne’s video I hadn’t written a short piece for months because nothing could come to me and then when I opened Word 2013 after seeing the video I suddenly had something to write down, some people tell me that what I do inspires them and I tell them that what they do inspires me so we shape each other’s future just a little bit and that is a really precious thing to have.

I will be so happy when I see somebody doing what I am imploring people to do because it is something I truly believe in and it will just do so much good for people, some people consider this world a ever darkening place let’s prove by borrowing a late 60’s song that we ‘Let the Sunshine In’ and show humanity at it’s best, a humanity that cares, a humanity that gives, a humanity that creates and brings joy and a humanity where we are not alone.