Kira Taylor as well all know by now is a young lady so does so much for others, she supports the efforts of those who are trying to make a living as a performer, she supports those who have CF just like herself, she puts the needs of others ahead of others and so when she launched her campaign to raise funds for the CF Foundation and for her music it was easy for us to contribute some money to give to her to pass onto the CF Foundation and to give her money so she can help herself and her family because we know it must be difficult for Kira and her family to pay for Kira to have the best in CF treatment and also have a deserved music career and so the dollars we have given so far is worth every cent.

Kira has made for us and for those who donated money a thank you video and we are humbled to be publicly appreciated, we are always happy to take a few moments of our time to write articles like these or tweet something or like or comment on something that Kira has posted because we know that it has a positive effect on her and we know when we do things for others it has the same effect and we will never change our actions or beliefs while it still goes good in this world, this world may see conflict and hard times but caring is one thing that will never dissipate from humanity.

There are five days left in the campaign so let’s get Kira to make another thank you video but not a thank you video to us but one to those who come onboard and push the total towards $300 and more, to donate just click here and you are on your way to make a great contribution.