Korie Anne this morning released her version of Demi Lovato’s ‘Warrior’ and to simply put the vocals are strong as expected from a performance by Korie Anne but the video is absolutely emotional, at the beginning you see Korie Anne standing against a black backdrop surrounded by horrible words such as ‘Worthless’ and ‘Retard’ which really brings an emotional impact upon seeing it  and during the song you see video of Korie Anne’s past performances as well as film made for the music video such as Korie Anne crying but the pleasing thing is as the song goes on the words around Korie Anne disappear as they should.

Korie Anne is one of the friendliest people I’ve seen on this planet and to see such a video is saddening because you never want such a thing to happen to her but it did/does happen and it also happens to so many other people around the world to the point that some people cannot handle it anymore and end their lives and so I hope this video inspires many people and take to heart the message it brings particularly at the end which simply reads ‘Never Give Up’.

This is one music video not to be missed for all the reasons above.