Cassidy-Rae Wilson will have many reasons to be happy about her videos on YouTube for several are in reach of milestones for example the below we have seven songs that are either approaching 500 views, 1,000 views or 1,500 views.

The First Noel‘ sits at 994 views
Brave‘ sits at 972 views
Soldier‘ sits at 1,497 views
I Almost Do‘ sits at 989 views
The Call‘ sits at 497 views
Bubbly‘ sits at 992 views
Where I Stood‘ sits at 496 views

These milestones when reached will be well deserved for Cassidy is one who is highly regarded for her work whether it is as a Performer, a Youth Ambassador or just being a nice human being, on the subject of Youth Ambassador the first heat of ‘The Hills Shire Youth Ambassador’s Open Mic’ was held last night in Castle Towers, we hope it was a successful night for Cassidy and YMA looks forward to reporting on the other heats and the final when they occur.

Readers are encouraged to check out some of the six songs listed above for they are great to listen and watch and who knows maybe you’ll be the one who makes a milestone be reached, YMA congratulates Cassidy on all of her success and looks forward to reporting on more success as time goes on.