With three days left to go in May, YMA has for you our last ArtistSignal update for this month where we tell you how Daria, Erin, Ivana, Aditi and Lexi are doing, the ladies are all doing well with Daria very close to cracking the Top 10 and Erin is in the Top 100 improving on her results last month while Ivana is just outside the Top 100 with Aditi and Lexi improving on their totals last month, YMA hopes that readers will give Aditi and Lexi more votes to enable them to climb up the rankings and rightfully join the others, to vote for the ladies please click on their names which will take you to their pages.

Daria is currently in 11th position with 12,581 votes and $50.19 in prize money
Erin is currently in 67th position with 6625 votes and $26.44 in prize money
Ivana is currently in 106th position, with 4,124 votes and $16.45 in prize money
Aditi is currently in 312th position with 398 votes and $1.59 in prize money
Lexi is currently in 333rd position with 347 votes and $1.38 in prize money