We are now three weeks into this month of May and the six ladies that we are following on ArtistSignal still need your daily support as they attempt to win the $10,000 top prize or share in $5000 split between everyone else, positions can be gained with as little as one vote so readers are urged to consider voting every few hours to allow the ladies to gain or hold their positions on the charts.

Daria is currently in 13th position with 9,173 votes and $47.95 in prize money
Rebel is currently in 16th position with 8,224 votes and $42.99 in prize money
Erin is currently in 63rd position with 5,250 votes and $27.44 in prize money
Ivana is currently in 108th position with 3,184 votes and $16.64 in prize money
Lexi is currently in 323rd position with 270 votes and $1.41 in prize money
Aditi is currently in 341st position with 242 votes and $1.26 in prize money

To vote for the girls, please click on each of the names and repeat the process of voting for them each possible hour, your support is also valuable and together we can bring these ladies a good future especially if we can help one of them get to #1 on the charts at the end of the month.