Unity is everything, top sides win because they are united not because of the acts of one or two people take for example Aussie Rules football, you may have the best player in the league but he cannot get the ball every time so in order for him to get the ball he needs to get it from a player on his team who passes the ball with equal skill to that apparent champion who most likely passes it on to somebody else and so on and so forth until they score for those who are not familiar with Aussie Rules football I’ll put it in American Football terms, a champion quarterback is only as good as his blockers and his wide receivers, everyone in the music group should treat each like you are on the same team, you are everyone else s quarterbacks, blockers and wide receivers and they’ll probably be your defense too.

Like team sports, musicians who read this will know that defeat and setbacks/failures/defeats do and will happen, it’s what you do when these defeats and setbacks happen that defines you, teams rarely go through seasons undefeated so remember that and also remember that musicians can have slumps, performers like Elvis and Roy Orbison had slumps they were hit makers and then both had years when getting a hit song was hard to achieve and it taken them some years to come back even though they never were out of form so remember all those things and you should be better for it.

While on the subject of team, Success doesn’t just come down to having a great music coach, a coach is only part of the equation because they can teach you everything they know but you are the one who has to take what you were taught and put everything into action, you need good songs, you need loyal fans, you need hard work, you need a good parent or manager, you need to expect bad times before the good times, you need to be humble and also a little fortune in terms of money and luck may be required and that’s just a small part of the list but if you got most of those you’re probably set and of course don’t do anything stupid near the general public or the press (TMZ is everywhere).

There are so many of you out there that have thousands of fans on Social Media, if you post something about a fellow musician like their crowdfunding campaign or their latest song you would do so much for that person who will no doubt be very grateful to you for doing it, you could get them new fans and that won’t hurt you one bit because there is room for everyone in the music world, I personally have never met a person who likes one person’s music and only one person’s music so give each other a little bit of support, it could go a long way.

One last topic I want to bring up and that is covers vs originals, why on YouTube does a cover get so many views yet an original doesn’t? What power does a cover have over an original? Maybe it’s one of those YouTube quirks where something you don’t think will do very well but something good doesn’t do as well as you hoped, I really hope that people will see that originals sitting with any cover songs and watch and listen to them.

That’s this edition of Ryan’s thoughts, hopefully I’ve given you all food for thought.