Lyndall Wennekes is back with a new video this time performing an acoustic version of Gnarles Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ and as usual Lyndall performs this song effortlessly and with great power and clarity in her voice as well, YMA still does not understand why this former Young Talent Time member doesn’t have record producers knocking on her door 24/7 wanting to produce music with her because with her singing this good with only a smartphone as a recording device then imagine if she recorded an EP or album or performed live in front of thousands of people because there is no doubt that she would receive high praise and acclaim from the press and the general public for she is a good singer and she also is very grateful for her fans and that is a humbleness that would endear her to the public, Lyndall fans and YMA readers will definitely like this performance and we hope there is more to come.