The public response to Kira Taylor‘s efforts to raise funds for her EP and for the CF Foundation have not been as good as YMA had hoped, the number of contributors has been low which is disheartening for we truly believe in this fundraising campaign, we wouldn’t wish something like Cystic Fibrosis on our worst internet troll or somebody who really doesn’t like us personally but good people like Kira have Cystic Fibrosis and they fight it daily while the majority of us are living in the best of health, we have the power to give as much as we can either in terms of money or in terms of sharing the fundraising page because doing either of those makes the day of people like Kira, all it takes is just a few seconds of action in fact it takes the same amount of time that it takes somebody to share a newspaper article or a funny video and chances are that if you share it then somebody interested may see it and do something about it too therefore further helping the chances of good things happening.

Many of us who have followed the campaign have been moved to tears or feelings of upset for Kira’s story is one that makes you wonder why do we complain about so much when we got it so good, Kira and others with CF are constantly sick, constantly trying to get rid of the buildup of mucus yet she goes around playing music for the people of this world, she remains upbeat and does her best to ensure others make their dreams a reality as she follows others musical journeys with keen interest and that makes her a worthy person to have as a friend and somebody to fight alongside and in this world of dark times that is worth more than Gold.

This story is written because this writer personally is worn down by all the bad that happens in this world and wants to change a bad which is CF into something good which is annihilating CF for good, so join us and help by either contributing funds which can be done by payment methods of Credit or PayPal or as mentioned earlier sharing the campaign page which is available below.

To see the article and to share it or donate to the campaign please click here and YMA will keep you up to date as the weeks progress.