There is no doubting that Chanel Loran is a performer who easily attracts large amount of watchers on YouTube and when she launched an Acapella version of Jessie J’s ‘Mama Knows Best’ in mid April the results have been more of the same with the video reaching 45,000 in less than a month and is expected to climb higher with time as several of her videos reaching past 100,000 views including one that has so far received 639,491 views which is a number that many people would do anything for.

Chanel’s version of ‘Mama knows best’ is just Chanel doing what she does best, there is no backing track and she isn’t playing any instrument so it is just Chanel and her voice and there is no doubt that readers will agree that she has one incredibly powerful voice that perfectly explains why she gets so many views and will continue to do so for some time to come.