In a victory for good over trolls, Kira Taylor‘s video of her dancing to Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’ has passed 1000 views and it is a well deserved milestone as Kira shows everyone how she dances to keep her Cystic Fibrosis in check, Kira did have one unpleasant experience with somebody who said her dancing was vulgar but she was quickly defended by her supporters on YouTube, Trolls will comment on anything and everything and so you do need to be tough to deflect what they say and Kira handled the situation very well, it is always important to not let trolls get you down, just remember that what they type is most likely what they wouldn’t have the guts to say face to face.

Don’t forget readers that Kira is still trying to raise funds through Indiegogo for her EP as well as for the CF Foundation and YMA challenges readers and fellow talent showing groups to join YMA and contribute to this cause even if it is one dollar because that dollar can make a difference for you, for Kira and the CF Foundation so please consider getting on board this campaign or passing it along to somebody you know that would be interested, to check out her page and donate/invest please visit here