We’ve been monitoring the progress of several artists as they seek funding for their future projects and below is updates on how Jessica Holt, Kira Taylor and Tara Favell are going with their campaigns.

Jessica Holt is 14% through her target of $1000 and with 42 days remaining chances are good that she will make and pass the target with time to spare, donations can be made here

Kira Taylor has raised $30 out of her target of $8000 which is set for flexible so all donations are accepted, to donate to the project please click here

Tara Favell has raised $550 out of her target of $2000, her campaign has 23 days left and if you would like to donate click here

These ladies are all worthy of having their dreams funded, in Kira’s case her campaign focuses not just on her music but the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as well and so half of the funds raised will be going to the CF Foundation to help out as many people as possible so please consider donating today, you can make a difference and it only takes a few dollars and a few seconds of your time, YMA has donated so join us and make that difference.