Years ago I was one of those people who backed the Young Talent Time return, I wanted it back for reasons that differed from most and those reasons were that the show was the perfect educational ground for a half dozen or more teens for most people on the show from 1971-88 stayed three or four years which took them through a large chunk of their teenage years and by the end they were well known and fairly experienced to go into the world and have a shot at fame even though it wasn’t a certainty it was still one heck of a better shot than the long way around.

Some will say YTT was Reality TV but it wasn’t apart for apart the Talent Quest there was no voting, no eliminations just cast rotation that occurred every couple of years and you got to see them grow as performers which made it something to watch for thousands of people who still think of them as heroes long after 1988 passed us by, as for the 2012 bunch on the second run of YTT we didn’t get to see what they could truly do on TV so we have to wait some years to see what they can do away from television but from what has been seen as they fight their way back into prominence is good, solid efforts worthy of a second look.

The Voice, X Factor etc is a couple of people determining your fate, you have to have the sound that is music to their ears and chances are a good number of ‘rejects’ are good to your ears but your ears don’t matter,
if you make past auditions then you got to wow the public again and again, then you’ll be rush releasing an album which you’ll probably have limited influence on and then take part in a massive marketing push so intense it will feel like you are being shoved down the throat of every single person in the country and nobody likes something being shoved down their throats, people like to acquire tastes and in music terms that’s usually just listening to the radio one day and hearing a good tune and you want to know them or going to see a small show of theirs and  do all the little things until eventually they make their way across the country.

If you do make it on one of the shows just be aware that the clock is ticking the moment you leave it, any fame and influence gained will quickly fade away because if you are say Season 3 of The Voice, you’ll be partially replaced by Season 4’s lot and out of sight by Season 5 because there is a ton of people all using the ex contestant card and if the papers do a report on you it most likely say at the beginning ‘Former The Voice or X Factor contestant’ and not your name and singer of hits such as this, this and that instead so make sure you hit the ground running and make sure you gave the people something to talk about, preferably something G Rated.

My advice as a humble civilian is don’t go on Reality TV, don’t sell yourself out to producers who mold you into a person they want the public to like, don’t let three or so judges decide if you are or aren’t good enough, the only thing that should matter to you is that if you got one fan of your work then you must be doing something right and you should keep going and earn a second fan and a third and keep on going, people like somebody who is humble and hard working and if you keep going and keep building and improving either by yourself or through lessons then more attention will come towards what you are doing, sometimes it is just better to be popular in one small area of a country than be blasted into the social stratosphere by media influence only to find out that when it all fades away and you are unlucky to get a foothold in the industry it would be like falling without a parachute and for some people that is a blow that can lead to long term pain or worse and I for one don’t want anybody to have that.

Hope this gives you some food for thought,

– Ryan