TIA, known to many Australian teenagers and adults as Tia Gigliotti is a seventeen year old singer/songwriter who in 2012 burst onto the national scene as a member of the Young Talent Team in the ill fated relaunch of popular 1970’s and 1980’s show ‘Young Talent Time’, Tia won the hearts and minds of fans and the casual viewer with her performance of Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind Part 2’ as well as singing her part in songs performed by the ‘Young Talent Team’.

In the middle to latter half of 2012, Tia embarked on a tour of the Eastern states of Australia with the rest of the Young Talent Team in the which the majority of the shows were sold out showing that the team was very much loved in Australia despite the negative press over it’s future.

Shortly after the successful tour, Channel Ten announced that Young Talent Time would not be renewed for the 2013 Television season, while such an announcement could severely dint a young performers confidence, Tia has bounced back by becoming an Independent artist as she fights to make her way back to constantly being on the charts as she deserves to be on them.

The first step was to record her first single which was ‘Stranded’ which was launched to a packed venue and overwhelming acclaim from her fans, Tia also made a music video to ‘Stranded’ which has so far received just over 8,700 views and it was also aired on ABC’s ‘Rage’ which is a major achievement considering that most music on Rage belongs to major recording labels.

Just recently Tia done an interview with Annette Lee and answered many wide ranging questions which gave fans great insight into her year in YTT and her solo career and Tia also announced a remix of Stranded will be released on March 3, you can read Annette’s interview with Tia here.

It is hoped that this year will bring the release of Tia’s first album which will further showcase her abilities and there is no doubt that she has the fans, the patience and the determination to go to the top end of the charts and so with these reasons Tia is today’s ‘Artist of the Day’.